About First Lady Ministries

First Lady Ministries was birthed out of obedience to God and His will and through extreme pain in 2016.

Married to my husband for 38 years, I was a Pastor’s Wife for 36 of those years. Having lost him to Severe Depression from the effects of ministry, this was the most catastrophic and devastating event in my entire life. I met him in kindergarten and I lost my best friend of 54 years!

In 59 years of life, this was the first time I was without a covering in my life. I left my mother’s home and married my husband. He was a true provider and protector. How would I ever learn to live life as a single woman?

In addition to no longer having the love of my life, I also had no income. He was my primary source of income for the previous 10 years as I worked along side of him in ministry. My whole life was turned upside down into a life of grief, betrayal, legal battles and financial crises. I lost so much, including my home of 30 years. I became homeless for 14 months.

I had to immediately depend on God, who is our Ultimate provider, protector, strong tower, defender, healer, deliverer, comforter, teacher, preserver and reprover. The Holy Spirit spoke to me instructing me to do nothing for 4 months! Stand still and see my salvation!

During 36 years of helping to minister to others, my goal was to be the best helpmeet my husband could have. After serving others for more than half of my life, I was left broken by those I served. I was angry, alone, depressed, scared, anxious and afraid and I needed to be ministered to. I realized I needed to do something or I wouldn’t survive this tragedy.

God was preparing me for greater service. He has taken my extreme tears and depression and motivated me to help others through various seasons of pain. This would turn His will into a promising future for His glory. This is my God-intended purpose!

There are many people who are living with extreme pain and find themselves in a valley of depression. From the loss of a loved one, sexual/physical/emotional/verbal abuse, divorce, a life threatening illness, surviving a natural disaster, experiencing a deeply humiliating disappointment or betrayal, etc., people find themselves numb and disconnected, finding it difficult to move on. Having experienced extreme physical, emotional and verbal abuse for 14 months between 2019 and 2020, not only am I prepared academically but I have the empathy necessary to deal with these topics and assist those impacted to heal and thrive.

First Lady Ministries seeks to help others who find themselves in these situations. Many times, we feel that there is no purpose to our lives leading us to being enslaved by the trauma. But when God preserves your life, He expects you to help others. Whenever you serve others in any way, you are actually serving God and fulfilling one of your purposes (Colossians 3:23-24; Matthew 25:34-45; Ephesians 6:7).

The power of life and death is in the tongue. You shall have what you say. I am called to help people move from existing to thriving – emotionally, socially, professionally, physically and financially. Over the years, I have launched numerous ministries, four businesses and assisted hundreds of families and individuals to live more productive and prosperous lives. Discovering, addressing and releasing the wounds that impact negatively, you allow yourself to grab the power and control of your life to do and be anything you want. That begins with addressing the trauma in your life.

My focus is on Inner Healing.  I will work to restore broken, hurting hearts and to reconcile relationships. I coach and counsel individuals to recognize and understand common problems and patterns of difficulty in their lives, while identifying wounds and roots of bitterness. These damaged areas are brought to death resulting in life transformation.

We provide 1:1 and small group coaching/counseling where you are given the “keys of knowledge” that renew the mind and sow truth in the heart, resulting in guaranteed life transformation.

When you become HEALED you can better serve God, your career, your family, and your community. The feelings of frustration must be addressed and released so success and freedom can prevail.

God is providing opportunities to share my testimony and the life-changing message of the Gospel. Having suffered indescribable pain, the freedom to live victoriously by applying God’s Word to my life and in turn, helping others do the same, IS possible.


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Workshops, seminars, podcasts or conferences for Inner Healing, Trauma Release And Women’s Empowerment
1:1 and Small Group Coaching/Counseling for Restoration and Healing
Denyse H. Turner

Watch for my upcoming books:
When Faith Meets Fear A ‘First Lady’s’ Rise from Trust to Tragedy to Triumph (in her own words) (2023)
BLEEDING WOUNDS: How I Survived Living in Hell With Narcissistic Abuse (2023)