Ghost Writing

Have you ever wondered how Kim Kardashian or First Lady Michelle Obama could ever write a book? Well, you’re not the only one. The truth is they didn’t. Ghostwriters did.

Have you felt the call on your life to tell your story or help others with what you have overcome but just cannot find the time to sit and write?

This is where First Lady Ministries can help you! A professional writer, in addition to writing my own story, I can help you write yours.

What is Ghostwriting? Ghostwriting is what it sounds like. A ghostwriter writes a novel, article, essay, memoir, autobiography, etc. for you without receiving author credit—hence the “ghost” in ghostwriting. I am ok with not getting the credit! How about you?

The main challenge in ghostwriting is emulating YOUR voice and keeping mine out of it. Let’s have a conversation about what you are looking to do.

Fees vary based on type and length of project, however, fees are very reasonable and can be paid on a monthly basis.